Virtual Reality: Design 3D Worlds

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Have you ever imagined actually having the ability to walk in the shoes of your favorite character from a movie or video game? Have you ever wanted to walk on an alien planet, or fly above the clouds like a bird? With virtual reality, you can do all of this and more. In this camp, the adventurous and courageous will explore VR and dive into this amazing and immersive experience. Explore strange new worlds, learn how to navigate through virtual space and even design your own virtual objects.


  • Design a 3D fly through in Sketch Up
  • Have the campers know the difference between Mobile VR, Home/Work VR and augmented reality
  • Campers may have the ability to film some 3D video and experience it in VR
  • Provide a significant amount of time to each camper to explore 3D space and know how to explain how to navigate in it
  • Build a building in Minecraft VR
  • Have campers build 3D models within either the Oculus 3D art program or Vive Tilt Brush application

Topics Covered

  • 3D design with Sketch Up
  • Navigating 3D Space
  • 3D video concepts (potentially creating 3D video as well)
  • Exploring what is possible with VR
  • Mobile VR vs. Home VR vs. Augmented Reality
  • Discussing the role of VR in industry - how it could reshape everything
  • Explore Minecraft VR
  • Building 3D objects in VR

Software Used

  • Sketch Up
  • Tilt Brush
  • HTC Vive
  • Windows 10

Locations & Dates For 2019:

Rutgers University, Cook Campus - New Brunswick, NJ - Day Camps

June 24 – June 28

Valley Forge Summer Camps - Wayne, PA - Day Camps

July 1 – July 3

Tiki Tiki Board Games - Woodbury, NJ - Day Camps

July 8 – July 12

Kingswood Oxford - Hartford, CT - Day Camps

July 15 – July 19

Agnes Irwin - Radnor, PA - Day Camps

July 22 – July 26

Springside Chestnuthill - Philadelphia, PA - Day Camps

August 5 – August 9

Sidwell Friends School - Washington, DC - Day Camps

August 12 – August 16

Pingry School - Basking Ridge, NJ - Day Camps

August 19 – August 23