Minecraft Missions 4 Kids

Campers at computers

Are you up for an adventure? In this multi-player environment, Minecraft will be the vehicle to help develop your leadership and social skills, as you accomplish unique missions with a team of campers. Use your imagination and collaborate with your team to design and build a large-scale Minecraft Missions project. In 2019 expect the most exciting missions yet. Creativity, critical thinking and communication will be your keys to success!


For Campers entering grades 1st to 4th



  • Introduce campers to working in collaborative team-based environment on Minecraft EDU
  • In teams campers should develop one of our Exciting New Projects
  • After building the team based world, the group should develop at least one adventure that takes place throughout the game world
  • Camp teams should use at least three mid-scale Redstone solutions within the game worlds

Topics Covered

  • Principles of creating dynamic and interesting 3D Game worlds
  • Minecraft: Working on sophisticated design problems
  • Working on a collaborative team project

Software Used

  • Minecraft EDU
  • Windows 10

Locations & Dates for 2019:

Prince George Community College - New Largo, MD - Day Camp

July 22 – July 26 ( 1/2 Day Camp)