Minecraft Dungeons – RPG Design

Campers at computers

Minecraft Dungeons is a brand new ‘Action-Adventure’ game that will be released in 2019 and Fleming Camps will be using the game to help campers learn how to create their own Role Playing Games. Campers will adventure through canyons, castles, mines and dungeons as they fight monsters, explore new environments, save villagers and collect treasures. During this program, campers also work with ‘RPG Maker’ game design software and create their own 16bit-like dungeon-crawlers. Through informational lectures, tutorials and hands-on experience in our game lab, campers will learn how to plan and construct a RPG game with complex stories in a large gaming world. This program is designed for campers who love games like Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy and who want to build their own adventures.


For Campers entering grades 1st to 4th



  • Understand the principles of game design as it relates to RGPs and adventures
  • Understand the range of technical challenges building adventures within Minecraft and RPG games in RPG Maker
  • Design and build a large-scale RPG puzzle or adventure and interactive story

Topics Covered

  • Principles of creating dynamic and interesting RPG and adventure worlds
  • Minecraft: Working on sophisticated design problems focused on dungeon crawling
  • Construct an adventure with RPG Maker

Software Used

  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • RPG Design Software

Locations & Dates for 2019:

Tatnall School - Wilmington, DE - Day Camps

June 17 – June 21

Kingsley Montessori- Boston,MA - Day Camps

July 22 – July 26