Minecraft: Adventure Design


Use Minecraft to learn how to design, build and explore 3D game adventures. At camp you’ll receive instruction in adventure game design and focus on making your own game levels. You’ll use your creativity and fine-tune your problem-solving skills, as you navigate the various construction challenges working with Minecraft EDU. Work individually and in groups to maximize collaboration and decision-making as you face design challenges and build your very own Minecraft world. Basic experience with PCs and basic computer skills, such as typing, are expected. All Minecraft skill levels are welcome.


  • Understand the principles of game design
  • Understand the range of genres, aesthetic issues, and technical challenges within Minecraft
  • Design and build an adventure map
  • Use Redstone in Adventure map

Topics Covered

  • Principles of creating dynamic and interesting 3D Game worlds
  • Minecraft: Working on sophisticated design problems
  • Constructing a 3D Game Adventure
  • Basic Primer on Redstone circuits and inventions

Software Used

  • Minecraft EDU
  • Windows 10

Locations & Dates For 2019:

University School of Milwaukee - Milwaukee, WI - Day Camps

6/10 – 6/14

Valley Forge Summer Camp - Wayne, PA - Day Camps

June 17 – June 21

Lake Highland Prep - Orlando, FL - Day Camps

June 24 – June 28