Master Builders: Minecraft Engineering

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If you love Legos and Minecraft then this camp is for you. Work with other Minecrafters to design, craft and build amazing Minecraft Lego Bioms. You’ll work in teams to build an exciting Minecraft World with minecarts, caves, castles, traps and machines. In addition to building a Minecraft inspired world you’ll also explore introductory engineering concepts with LEGO’s Simple and Powered Machines.


For Campers entering grades 1st to 4th



  • In small teams, work to build Minecraft Bioms
  • Learn basic engineering skills with the Lego Engineering Kit
  • Working collaboratively in a small team, construct a unique object

Topics Covered

  • Learn to construct LEGO Minecraft Worlds
  • Learn basic engineering
  • Learn how motors work - using Lego Simple and Powered Machines
  • Work on progressively more difficulty challenges to increase engineering skills

Software Used

  • Lego Simple and Powered Machines
  • Minecraft Lego Kits

Locations & Dates For 2019:

Valley Forge Summer Camps - Wayne, PA - Day Camps

June 24 – June 28

Sidwell Friends - Bethedsa, MD - Day Camps

July 15 – July 19