Minecraft Camps

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Minecraft-based programs are some of our most popular summer camps. Each camp is designed to teach campers something special about Minecraft, and is focused on using the game as a learning tool focused on STEM topics.

Our “Mine Camps” offerings use Minecraft to teach our campers how to work in teams, create massive adventure maps and complicated puzzles, learn how to code, explore science and engineering topics, and/or create amazing works of art. We offer eight Minecraft camps and each camp features unique topics. Some of our Minecraft topics include:

  • Game, level and adventure map design
  • Programming with Minecraft
  • Redstone and Power Blocks
  • Physics and Roller Coasters
  • Team-based project development
  • Administering servers
  • Camp programs just for young kids

We encourage our campers to take multiple programs throughout the summer. Campers focus on building individual and group projects, so they may also take any camp course more than once (or take the same camp program in future years) and get a new experience each time the camp is taken.